Retirement Planning

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Planning For a Happy Retirement

With Baby Boomers still heading towards retirement in droves, and millennials concerned about the future of social security, the biggest concern for all ages is with regard to retirement savings. Older people want to know if they will have enough to live on and the younger generation is concerned with affording to get started early on being able to live life on their own terms in retirement.

The new definition of retirement, with all of its possibilities, does not happen automatically. Many of the issues naturally associated with aging and retirement, such as poor health and the need to provide income, still do exist. Enjoying the retirement you have earned and so richly deserve involves careful consideration of your goals and strategic planning to hedge against potential problems that threaten to interfere with your security and well-being during this time.

With early and proper planning, Straight Forward Life & Annuity can help ensure your needs are best met. It is never too early to get started.


Types of Retirement Accounts

We have a broad range of investment solutions for each of these retirement savings accounts and determining which ones are appropriate for you is part of the service we provide.

Individual Retirement Account that allows for tax deductible contributions, but contributions (and earnings) are taxed upon distribution.

Individual Retirement Account that does not allow for tax deductible contributions, but the distributions (including earnings) are not taxed as income.


A Simplified Employee Pension plan that allows employers to make contributions to their employees’ retirement and their own retirement.

A tax sheltered annuity for employees of public schools and certain tax-exempt organizations.

Allows for a rollover of a 401(k) balance with a former employer plan into an IRA without creating a taxable event.

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