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Steps to Securing Your Retirement

At Straight Forward Life & Annuity, we step you through securing your retired life.

Retirement Planning

Plan for a future without the need to work.


Give yourself income in the future.

Check out how make your retirement possible.

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Retirement Planning

  • Assess

    Evaluate income sources, living expenses, debt obligations, investments, and insurance coverage.

  • Set Goals

    Determine when to retire, desired retirement lifestyle, and how much money will be needed to meet those expectations.

  • Plan

    Develop a plan that outlines specific steps to achieve desired retirement goals.


  • Tax Advantage

    Many annuities offer tax-deferred growth opportunities which can help increase the potential return on investment over time.

  • Guaranteed Income

    Most annuity contracts include provisions that guarantee a minimum level of income regardless of market conditions.

  • Flexibility

    Annuity contracts allow holders to tailor their plans based on their specific needs and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Retirement Planning?

Retirement planning is the process of determining how much money you will need for your retirement years and creating a plan to save and invest over time in order to achieve that goal. It involves understanding your current financial situation, assessing your future needs, setting short-term and long-term goals, choosing an appropriate investment strategy, and making changes as needed.

How Do I Get Started With Retirement Planning?

The first step in retirement planning is to assess your current financial situation. This includes making an inventory of your assets, calculating net worth, estimating living expenses, and setting a retirement budget. Reach out to us for a free consultation and let us help you create a straight forward plan.

What Are Annuities?

An annuity is an insurance product that pays out income on a regular basis. It is designed to provide security during retirement by providing a steady stream of income over a set period of time. There are several different types of annuities available, such as fixed, variable, indexed, and immediate.

What Are the Benefits of Investing in an Annuity?

 Investing in an annuity offers several potential benefits, including guaranteed income, tax deferral, and protection from market volatility.  Annuities can help protect against outliving your savings and provide peace of mind knowing you won't run out of money in retirement.